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Tenant Responsibilities

Let us help you or show how to maximize the return on your investment - focus on your bottom line, we The following includes a list of tenant responsibilities and expectations while occupying your rental property. If the maintenance request is to fix something that is due to tenant damage or responsibility, the tenant will be charged for this service take care of the rest!


The tenant is responsible for damages caused by any negligence or acts of the tenant’s family, guests, invitees, or pets (if allowed).


The tenant is responsible for keeping the grounds, lawn, and shrubbery clear of weeds and rubbish. The property owner will manage tree trimming and limb removal. All lawn care is the responsibility of the tenant except for fertilization, aeration, and sprinkler system maintenance. The owner will take care of those things unless pets, lawnmowers, or tenant actions damage the sprinkler system. In that case, the costs associated with repairs are the tenant’s responsibility.

Wear and Tear

Any damage beyond normal wear and tear, such as holes to the interior or exterior of the property from nails, screws, glue, or hooks, will be the responsibility of the tenant. Broken windows and doors will also be the responsibility of the tenant, unless it is a consequence of normal structural settling.

Ducts and Filters

The tenant must clean out the dryer duct, unless it is a vertical dryer vent that requires roof access. Furnace filters and light bulbs must be maintained and the filters replaced every three months. Noble Real Estate can send a technician to your property, at your expense. If the filters or lights are located in a vaulted ceiling 10 feet off the ground or higher, you will only be responsible for the cost of materials.

Pest Control and Maintenance

Tenants are responsible for all pest control. You are also required to keep drains free and clear of debris. This includes garbage disposals, dishwasher drain lines, showers, and toilets. Try resetting your garbage disposal before submitting a service request. Any clogs due to the build-up of excess food or non-food items will be the tenant’s responsibility.

If you have any questions about the maintenance and upkeep of your rental please contact us at anytime. Thank you!

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